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DISH Guy with Spoonie

Allow Me to Introduce You to DISH

DISH is the acronym for Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis.

An x inside of an octagon representing the D for defensive in the acronym of DISH.


Protects our Body

A cartoon individual point at self to represent the I in the DISH acronym for Individual.


Unique to Everyone

Green and orange shield representing the S in the DISH acronym.


Tool We Need

Idea light bulb to represent idea. The H for hypothesis in the DISH acronym.


My Educated Guess

Health Backwards explains all about DISH.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you tired of trying the next new thing in hopes of overcoming your health obstacles?

Are you frustrated with methods not working for you?

Are you wondering why you are so different?

I hear you. This happened to me.  Been there done that, even after following all of the healthy living lifestyle protocol.

For me, in 2009, I was told I had a life expectancy of 12 to 18 months. Before I died, I wanted to find a way to break the cycle of poor health in my family. If too late for me, maybe I could figure something out for my kids.

Albert Einstein’s quote encourages us, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems form a new angle.”

I took his quote to heart. In the process, I have not only been able to stay alive, but my MANY food and environmental sensitivities and allergies are gone. I found what I have nicknamed DISH, the Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis. 

Health Backwards is a book about how I figured out DISH, what it does, how it affects us, and what I did about it when it was not working.

Health Backwards is about my personal journey. It is intended to give you hope. It is not intended for medical advice.

Experience a new outlook on health. Get ‘Health Backwards’ now and start thinking differently.

It shares how different questions gave me different answers, which in turn led me to find DISH.  Finding DISH gave me progress forward with my chronic conditions!

It also gave me HOPE!

Fall 2023: Honorable Mention!

Nonfiction - Science Breakthrough

This was such an honor for a debut book. I love that it was for the category of Science Breakthrough. I hope this will make the new concepts more acceptable to consider as a possible reason for the surge in autoimmune diseases.  

Who is Health Backwards for?

  • I wrote this book for the person who is brave enough to hope one more time.
  • I believe this book is for anyone who believes there is more to learn
  • I wrote it specifically for individuals who are struggling with chronic inflammation and nutritional deficiencies.
  • I hope it will fall in the hands of our health professionals to better be able to help us.

"What Cyndi is figuring out is going to force science to catch up with her."

– Dr. Aaron Chapa

What is Health Backwards about?

  • It is NOT your average get well lifestyle book.
  • It is a challenge to you to look at chronic inflammation as a protector and not the problem
  • It guides you to looking at your health challenges from a whole new perspective
  • It points to a potential missing piece to the puzzle for getting well. 

"I will be the first one to admit there is a lot of stuff I do not know; however, I do believe I know something everybody needs to know."

– Cyndi Whatif

Why was Health Backwards written?

First of all, it is my story of looking for different answers because I did not want to accept the verdict of having only one year left to live.

Secondly, what I figured out has enabled me to live 12+ years past my expiration date.

Thirdly, I believe I found the root cause of what determines if a person can be healthy or not. 

Lastly, I figured out the work around when it isn’t working. 

"I am so glad you shared your journey!"

– Lori Delesandri

Who wrote Health Backwards?

Because of the potential I see and the many questions I ask, I go by the penname of Cyndi Whatif. 

I have struggled with:

  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • MANY Food Allergies
  • EMF Challenges
  • Toxins from Camp Lejeune Water Contamination
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Vanishing Twin Syndrome
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • And Many More Symptoms

Though I have a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, I write on an elementary level. I only use information most people learn in junior high science classes. 

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"Cyndi has done a great job of sharing her story of healing and a method we can all use if we need it. She is courageous and insightful."

– Sandy Hinderliter

A surprise shared with me.

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